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Another Visit – Pulling Out Students

District people are coming back to our school.  This time they want to watch us teach math.  I think it might be a little easier than having them watch us teach language arts.  But it’s still nerve-racking.  They could be hanging out, in and out of our rooms, for about an hour.


Have I told you that I don’t have any students who go to RSP?  RSP is a pull-out special ed program for students who have slight to moderate (that’s my definition, not an official one) disabilities.  Usually I have anywhere from 2 to 4 students who get pulled out throughout the day for a half hour to 45 minutes.  But this year, I have none.  The only students who are pulled out of my class are Andy and Erik for speech (a couple times a week for about a half hour) and then Amy for counseling.

That’s not bad.

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Math Test

Today we have a test on Topic 18 – Formulas and Equations.  It basically comes down to this; If given y = x + 3, what is y if x=4?  Or, if I want to be more difficult, if y=3x, what is y if x is 4?  And then we go backwords:

x 1 2 3 4                       So what is the rule?

y 0 1 2 3                        Answer?  y=x-1

Then for a couple, I gave them the rule, and they had to figure out what x and y were, and they graph the ordered pairs.  They love doing that.

We’ll see how they do on the test.

Next topic?  14 – Integers.

Anyone know what an integer is?

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The Test, Part III

We’ve done 2 days of language arts testing last week.  Today begins day 1 of two days of math testing.

I’ve told the students all year that they can’t use their multiplication charts on the test, so they better learn their multiplication and division facts.  Yet some are still surprised when they ask if they can use the charts and I say no.

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