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Another 4th grade teacher asked me to mentor one of her students.  Apparently the boy has a good family going through some hard times, and he’s acting out because of it.  Maybe I can help.  Say hi to him when I see him, call him out by name.  Hang with him from time to time.  We’ll see.

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I’m a Bad Person

There’s a special breakfast this morning for teachers who are mentoring students, and their mentees (sp?).  I feel like I’m about the only one who isn’t mentoring a student, and I feel GUILTY.  That and selfish.

I try to remind myself that I”m already working with 5th graders at church.  That’s mentoring, right?  But those guys have so many more advantages than these kids.  At least I think they do.  That might be making assumptions that I shouldn’t.

So I feel guilty and selfish.

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