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Open House, 2011

We only had a week after testing to get ready for Open House.  It felt a bit rushed.  But we got it together.  I’m sure the room didn’t win any awards for most awesomest room in the world, but it looked alright.  And although my room looked like a bomb went off in the morning of the big day, I didn’t have to rush to get everything together.  I actually had some extra time before the night began.

I only had 11 families not show up.  Not too bad.  I really enjoyed talking with some of the parents.  I had a sister of one of my students about 7 years ago.  Her dad is a little Mexican man who speaks very broken English.  But he’s really nice, and the older sister came, too.  It was fun to see all of them.

It’s so nice to get the evening over with.

Now, on to Gold Rush, and the end of school.

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Open House – Part II

Leaving Open House, and getting home from it, are two great feelings.  Walking to your car, with all the other teachers heading out doing the same, leaves me with a feeling of accomplishment, of achievement.  I’ve gotten through another Open House.  I put on another successful show.  But getting home feels great.  I never go home between then end of the half day a school, and the event.  There is usually too much to do, and if I happen to be ready enough, I just worry too much while I’m at home.  So I stay, get my work done, and hopefully enjoy a very casual, stress free, early dinners.  So by the time the night is over, it has been a long day.

I think this year’s Open House was good.  I think I had about 25 families show up, but more than that, I had about 5 former students come by to say hello.  One was in 10th grade, and apparently making really bad decisions (baby on the way and in a gang).  Another was a 22 year old I had when I taught 2nd grade at Price.  I totally remembered her for some reason .  It turns out she is the oldest sister of a current student of mine (I had the two girls’ brother in between having the two of them).  I had 2 students who are now juniors in high school, and apparently doing well, with plans to go to college.  And then I had 2 girl who I had 3 or 4 years ago.

It’s always pretty fun to see former students.  But when they are young adults, it’s just weird.

* * * * *

It’s always good to get Open House over with, for a couple of reasons.  The first (and they are in no particular order) is that there is always a push with teachers to get new, good work up on the bulletin boards.  That means pushing your students for their best work, and then taking down all their old work and putting up new work.  And teachers usually put more art work, and work in general, up on the boards.  So we’re jamming art, writing, and math all over, in every space we can find.

Another reason is that once Open House is over, it seems the end of the year is finally in sight.  All year long you look for the State test, and prep for that.  Once that is over, it’s the big push for Open House.  Now that that is behind us, we can finally look towards the end of the year.  But it’s going to be a busy 3 weeks.

In a couple of days we have the all-school Olympics, which my class has not prepared for at all.  Then the week after that is Gold Rush, which we are way behind in.  We are going to have to practice singing, dancing, and doing the play a lot these next 10 or so school days!  And then some time around then there is our report card prep day.  Once that hits, I’ll be busy after school for about 3 hours, for at least 3 days, and probably more.  Then there is a whole list of little things that need to be done before the school year ends (literally, we are given a list), all of which take time and energy.  By the time that last half day of school rolls around, it feels so good to get it over with.

I think we’re planning root beer floats after lunch on that day, just like last year.

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Open House

So much to do.  Julie is coming at noon to help.  I’ll wait to put up work on the walls.  She can help with that. Let’s see, there’s the math board, the language arts board, a few social studies thinking maps, and then some art.

I need to finish kites and pass out work while the kids are in class.  When they leave I can mark their work, and then clean the room.  I also need to arrange their missions and pass out their reports.

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Happy June

Aren’t long weekends great!

I am sooo far behind for Open House!  I have all day Tuesday, and half day Wednesday with the class to get things done with them.  Then half a day Wednesday afternoon to get the room ready.

I need to mount my math wall, mount my language arts wall (2 papers each), finish our line drawings, do another “arty” project, mount that, move half of my language arts board, move my focus wall and language arts charts, wash desks, clean out the desks, and I’m sure a few more things.  Oh yes, and correct all their missions reports, and change my Social Studies wall.

It’s going to be a long 2 days.  Then after that I have to focus on the Olympics, Gold Rush, moving classrooms, and report cards.

Hang on!

* * * * *

Did I mention I don’t feel like I can trust this class.  There is always someone who will screw something up unless I watch them like a hawk.

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Open House

It was late this year, a week and a half before school gets out.  I like it that late, but some don’t.  It’s always a fun night, because you spend so much time stressing  and getting ready for it.  So by the time it comes, I always feel relaxed.  It is a bit weird standing around the classroom in a tie.  This year I wore an old bowtie.

Remember the mom who wrote me the note about not wanting to sign the papers because it was a waist of time?  Well, apparently, so is going to Open House.  I had about 7 families not show up, which is a pretty average for me.  I’ve never had everyone show up.  It’s usuaully around 7 – 10 families not showing up.

I had a sub the next day so I could go to web training, so I stayed after Open House to write sub plans.  I got home at around 8:15.

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Things to Do

The end of the year is coming quick.  Things I need to do (in no particular order):

Figure out Club Ape prizes, Fluency, Benchmark L.A., Writing, and Math Test, input benchmark test results, Reflections paper, for my principal, Bulletin Boards for Open House, Writing for Open House, Translate my report cards, Do my cums, Insurance audit papers put together, and make certificates for Gold Rush winners.  Plus, we still have to get ready for Gold Rush, which is on Friday.

Hmmmmm, I think that’s it.  I’m FREAKIN’ OUT!

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