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Drinking Fountains

Here’s my problem.  I’ve just finished some PE, and my class is tired and thirsty.  I sit my class down at the lunch tables near the drinking fountains, and I let a few go at a time to get a drink.  That way they don’t get restless and into trouble while waiting in a long line.

Then another teacher finishes PE and just lets her entire class run over and get a drink.  Now the lines are very long, and my students have to be in the back of a long line.


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Bad Decisions

It’s cold after lunch, so instead of standing around in the cold while the class has free time outside for PE (it’s Friday, right?), we go inside to play.  After reading a chapter from “Holes”, we play some Heads Up, 7-Up.  They love it.  So I pull 7 cards to determine who will start the came, and Peter’s number is call.  You know he’s excited.

The class puts their heads down, and the lucky 7 go to pick their people.  When it’s time to guess, only 1 person guesses right, so she comes up and the other sits in her seat.  Then, as those who are remaining up tell the class who they pick, they notice that 2 people claim to have chosen the same person.  Yep, Peter is one of them.  He said he picked a certain student, but the boy next to him (whom I happen to trust more than Peter) says that he picked him.  Peter insists that he picked him, too.  But now other students standing say Peter did not pick that student.

When I press him, he acts like he forgets who he picked, for a couple of seconds, and then says, “Oh, wait.  I didn’t pick him.”  Hmmmmm.  Then he admits that he picked the boy who had guessed him earlier (you’re familiar with the game, right?).

So Peter, when correctly guessed by a boy standing up, decided to cheat and lie and say he didn’t pick him.

I’ve had kids peek when they are sitting down, but I have never had a kid lie and say “no” when someone guesses it was him that picked the student.

Flash forward to about a half hour later.  We’re going to the computer lab to do ST Math, which is a very cool math program.  As he comes into the room, he comes up to me and shows me that he has something shiny and red on all of his fingertips.  At first I think it was blood.  I ask him, and he tells me it is from the jaw breaker he was eating.

I’ll give him some credit.  At least he didn’t start on the computer with wet candy all over his fingertips.  But really?  Did he think it would be okay to be eating candy during class?  And then he doesn’t have the sense to keep it quiet.  He has to go get it all over his hands, and then show me?  Did he think he wouldn’t get in trouble for eating candy?

He continues to make bad decisions, and he continually shows me that he does not think things out clearly.  He is very immature in that way.  It’s like he’s 6.

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