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Peter got a discipline notice last Friday (after I had left for the afternoon).  Apparently he was at the fence yelling at people passing by, calling them “gay” and other not so kind words.

Didn’t he just get in trouble a few days ago?

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Screwed Up, and Not His Fault (for the most part)

Poor Peter.  He is so screwed up.

To put it briefly:

His family was at the park a couple of nights ago.  He sees a girl there from our class (I think she was with her family).  He got into an arguement with her and ended up exposing himself to her and saying, “You wanna suck on this?”

What is going on with him?  I can’t believe a fourth grader would do that!  What has he seen at home?

Then this morning at home, I guess he was sick of seeing his 7th grade brother choosing not to go to school, and instead play Xbox.  So he throws a fit and runs off.  Mom and dad corral him and drag him to school, but even at school he doesn’t want to go in.  When the principal goes out and talks to him his demeanor changes, and he comes in.

The family also found out that the things the the 7th grader accused his dad of were made up.  He faked it.

Yes, I know.  Remember, the boy was being bullied because the kids at his school found out about what the dad had done to him.  But wait, how did they find out unless he told them.  But wait, he made those things up.  They didn’t really happen!

That kid, that family, is screwed up.

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Disobeying in the Classroom

Melanie tells me Imalda is doing her homework in class.  Imalda, who tends to throw little fits when she gets in trouble, gets mad at Melanie for telling me.  I ask Imalda to calm down, and to not do her homework until she gets home.  Five minutes later, I see Imalda finishing her homework (I’m sure she didn’t read the passage before answering those questions).  I tell Imalda I am disappointed that she disobeyed me, and ask her to turn a pin.  She throws another little fit.

Imalda has missed about half of the school days for the last 2 weeks or so.  She also seems a bit emotionally unstable.  I hear her dad was scaring the teacher last year at parent/teacher conferences.  Fortunately, only mom showed up this year.

Oh, Peter had about 3 lines from a pencil going up his forehead.  Made me kind of laugh.  I’m always amazed at his immaturity.  Like today when he finally took off to run his laps for PE.  His legs were flapping around like a 1st grader’s.  He told me his mom was probably going to marry Zuckerberg (the billionaire who founded Facebook).  He said his mom met him.

I’m not sure I’d like to marry in to Peter’s family.  It seems to be like a train wreck.

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A Gift

He brought me a flower.  A carnation, to be exact.  I’ve never had a boy bring me a flower.  Usually, if I get a flower, its from girls picking dandelions or sour grass during recess, or something like that.

But then when we came  in for recess, a student let me know that Peter spit gum out while in line after recess.  He said it was true, so I asked him to go pick it up and show it to me.  He did.  Then he turned a pin and gave me the other piece of gum that he had.  It was Bazooka.

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Bad Decisions

It’s cold after lunch, so instead of standing around in the cold while the class has free time outside for PE (it’s Friday, right?), we go inside to play.  After reading a chapter from “Holes”, we play some Heads Up, 7-Up.  They love it.  So I pull 7 cards to determine who will start the came, and Peter’s number is call.  You know he’s excited.

The class puts their heads down, and the lucky 7 go to pick their people.  When it’s time to guess, only 1 person guesses right, so she comes up and the other sits in her seat.  Then, as those who are remaining up tell the class who they pick, they notice that 2 people claim to have chosen the same person.  Yep, Peter is one of them.  He said he picked a certain student, but the boy next to him (whom I happen to trust more than Peter) says that he picked him.  Peter insists that he picked him, too.  But now other students standing say Peter did not pick that student.

When I press him, he acts like he forgets who he picked, for a couple of seconds, and then says, “Oh, wait.  I didn’t pick him.”  Hmmmmm.  Then he admits that he picked the boy who had guessed him earlier (you’re familiar with the game, right?).

So Peter, when correctly guessed by a boy standing up, decided to cheat and lie and say he didn’t pick him.

I’ve had kids peek when they are sitting down, but I have never had a kid lie and say “no” when someone guesses it was him that picked the student.

Flash forward to about a half hour later.  We’re going to the computer lab to do ST Math, which is a very cool math program.  As he comes into the room, he comes up to me and shows me that he has something shiny and red on all of his fingertips.  At first I think it was blood.  I ask him, and he tells me it is from the jaw breaker he was eating.

I’ll give him some credit.  At least he didn’t start on the computer with wet candy all over his fingertips.  But really?  Did he think it would be okay to be eating candy during class?  And then he doesn’t have the sense to keep it quiet.  He has to go get it all over his hands, and then show me?  Did he think he wouldn’t get in trouble for eating candy?

He continues to make bad decisions, and he continually shows me that he does not think things out clearly.  He is very immature in that way.  It’s like he’s 6.

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Peter’s mom came to pick him up early today (at noon).  He has had a lot of days where he leaves early, or simply doesn’t make it to school.

So I quickly make some homework for him.  Before he loads up to go, he asks if the Book Fair is open.  He remembers that our class is scheduled to go at 2:00 this afternoon.  “Sorry, Peter, it’s open, but not for our class.”

He looks a little sad.  I should have reminded him he can go tomorrow at lunch if he brings money, or after school tomorrow if he doesn’t have any money.

Out the door he goes.  A few minutes later I get a call from a friend of mine whose class is in the book fair.  “Is Peter aloud to get a book now, or is he going home?”  She knows Peter.  She’s heard my stories.  Good call, Mrs. R.  I tell her to send him back to my class right away.

Peter, what are you thinking?

I’ve had students who are super ADHD.  Trust me, I have.  (Remember Johnny from two years ago???)  But even that kid new right from wrong, and even though he could not keep still or pay attention, he still new better than to do the wrong thing.  He had SOME self control.  I can’t blame all of Peter’s actions on his ADHD and other issues.  He just wants to do what he wants.

He better learn.

I’ve put Peter on different paper.  He can’t use regular college ruled paper.  He’s way too messy.  So I put him on 2nd or 3rd grade paper.  Wider lines to write in, and a dotted line in the middle to help with lower case.  But I’m trying to stress with him to place appropriate space between each word, so that whomever reads his work can actually read it.

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While a Sub Had the Class

I could go on about this for hours, but let me try to give you the short version.

Fourth Grade had a planning afternoon yesterday.  Because of our school performance, the state gives us money to pay for subs to cover for our classes so we can have grade-level planning times during the school day.  We get them 3 times a year.

Apparently Peter starts making animal noises.  Of course the sub asks him to stop, but evidently, if he did, he soon continued.  She has him turn his pin like a good sub, but he continues.  When he puts his pin on red, the teacher asks a table what normally happens at that point.  While she is doing that, Peter decides it is a good time to go up to the front of the class and write on the white board.

I have NEVER heard of a student being that disrespectful to a sub as to go up and write on the white board.  Certainly not with any sub I have ever had.  I was appalled when I heard that.

Then the sub asks him to sit back down, and what does he do?  He goes to my chair in the middle of the room and spins around on it.  If I had been a sub with a student like that, I would have gone ballistic!  I cannot believe Peter, or any student would do that.

Well, the sub has had enough.  She sends him to the office and calls down to let them know the behavior that got him sent down their.  Unfortunately, the principal and vice principal were not there at the time.  So our school psychiatrist has a mean talking to with him (well, she tried, anyway).

When I get to school the next day.  The office had put a note in my box telling me what the sub had said (she had left out a couple of details).  During class we talk about it, and I find out some other juicy details that the sub didn’t bother telling me or the office (come on sub!).

I let Peter have it.  He lost every privilege I could take away from him.  When his mom came to pick him up, I had her park her car and come into the office so that the 3 of us could talk.

I’m not sure the mom follows through at all with discipline, and I have a feeling Peter and his older brother rule the house.

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