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I have another student in my class.  We’ll call him “Timmy.”  Between Billy and Timmy, my year has been . . . challenging at times.  Timmy is a very nice boy.  He’s also well below grade level, and his dad speaks very broken English.  I think his mom speaks only Spanish.  So you can guess Timmy’s English isn’t the best.

As I was letting my class get drinks in the classroom (we had just come back from “Gold Rush” practice), I noticed Timmy lingering at the drinking fountain.  I told him that his table had already got a drink and that he needs to sit down, but he just kept drinking, for like 5 more seconds!  I was furious!

Now, I didn’t realize this, but Timmy’s table had just been called to get a drink.  And Timmy was the last person at his table to get a drink.  So technically, I was wrong.  He had permission to get a drink.  So I felt bad about asking him to sit down.  But the fact remained that I had given him directions and he ignored me.  You just can’t do that.  If I ask you to sit down and you are still haven’t had a chance to get a drink yet, stop drinking and explain to me that you haven’t had a chance.  Don’t ignore me.

I think it’s hard when I make a mistake, but the student does as well.  I always try to make sure I admit my mistakes to the class.  It’s sometimes embarrassing, and sometimes I feel really bad about the mistakes I have made.  There’s nothing worse than punishing a student, and then after the punishment finding out I was wrong and the student was innocent.  That sucks!

But even when I am wrong, if the student has not followed directions, the student needs to face a consequence for that decision.

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