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An Unexpected Call

So I was working after school a couple of days ago when my school phone rings.  Walking over to the phone, I notice it’s a private phone number, meaning it’s someone the office is transfering to my room.  I pick up the phone, and it’s J!  Little J!  I say, “Hi, J!  What’s up?” (I try to sound like I’ve missed him).

He says, “Oh, nothing, Mr. V., I’m just calling to say hi.”

I couldn’t believe it.  So I engage him in conversation to see if there is really some reason why he calls, but nope.  He just wants to chat.  So I remind him that he still has one of our school library books, and I ask him if he can find it and have his mom bring it back to our school.  He said sure, but I know we’ll never see that book again.

It’s amazing that a kid who drove me crazy would call to just say hi.  He was a student who I had to move away from me because almost everything he did would catch my eye.  He’s a kid who probably hated me while he was here, and I couldn’t blame him!  Seemed like he was always getting in trouble.  He had to of thought that I was picking on him.  And at one time he told me, in an angry tone, that he hated school and didn’t want to be here.

But he calls to say hi.


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