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New Student, Part IV

We’ll call him “William.”

I got a call at 11:30 from our principal that I was getting a new student.  It sure is nice to get a heads up call.  She also seemed a bit…weird, like something was up.

A few minutes later she came with the new student to my class.  The boy, William, seemed nice enough.  But my principal went all Nazi on my class.  She said, in a very serious, solemn voice, “This is William.  I expect you to welcome him with open arms.  That is the expectation.”  And all the while she was looking around the room, looking very seriously.

Okay, my class doesn’t have a problem accepting new students.  We’ve had 3 new students this year, and 2 recently.  One within the last 4 days!  It was kind of weird, and a bit offensive.  I’ll need to talk to her about that.

So anyway, William seems okay.  A bit quiet, but no problem.

The problem with new kids is that all my empty desks are in the back of the room.  So the new kid either sits in back, or I have to move multiple kids to get him up towards the front.  I know it sounds stupid, but I find it difficult to screw around with where people are sitting.  It’s difficult to balance tables; good and not-so-good kids, smart and not-so-smart kids.

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