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Field Trips

Field trips are…exhausting!  At least mine are.  Or should I say, is (we only get one).

We get on the bus for a 40 minute trip down to Upper Newport Bay.  Walk around for 2 hours doing 2 different activities, then lunch.  After that, walk around for 2 more hours doing 2 more activities, then back on the bus for the ride home.

This year it was hot!  I brought extra water and a squirt bottle to keep the kids cool.  It’s an okay trip, but it was hot and tiring.

The bus ride home is always great.  Everyone is tired.  I usually sleep for at least a few minutes.

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Rainy Day Schedule

We finally got some rain today.  Rain always makes the day interesting at school.  The early kids go up to the library to hang out, instead of waiting in front of school (and getting wet).  A little after 8 (when teachers are supposed to be at school) the students are supposed to go to their room – which means us teachers have to be in their room.  The kids are always excited when they come in early.  I guess it’s because they know they get free time in the room.

Then there’s recess.  It usually comes a bit later than usual, and the kids know they will get to spend the time in the room.  Again, more free time.  They love it.  The room is usually a bit of a mess when I get back, and the kids are usually a bit on the hyper side as well.  I don’t seem to get as much done during recess when it’s rainy day schedule.  I’m not sure why.

At lunch the kids really love rainy day schedule.  They get to eat in the class room (despite the fact that the lunch tables are covered).  Most teachers try to put on a video during lunch, but I usually just let me students have free time.  If I thought about it earlier, I guess I could have a movie ready.  But I seldom think that far ahead.

Lunch is a half hour on rainy days, instead of the usual 45 minutes.  And when I come back to the class, the room usually smells of food – usually smells like ketchup and cheese.  I’m not happy with the smell of the room after lunch, but it usually goes away by the next morning.  Believe it or not, they asked us not to spray air freshener in our classrooms, in case someone is alergic to the scents.  What ever.

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