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Field Trip

Well, it’s in the past. One more successful field trip. It wasn’t as hot as it could have been. Our naturalist was really good. The kids were well-behaved. Julie even came down and brought me cold #7 from Togos. All in all, it wasn’t too bad of a field trip.

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Permission Slips

Who put me in charge of the forth grade field trip?  And why didn’t I see the worksheet until a week before we go?

I think I got everything together, figured out who is going in what group, and what teachers are coming and how many parents they are bringing.  But we didn’t get the “second” permission slip.  Our district makes us use one, and the field trip location  requires we fill out theirs.  We didn’t get theirs.  Until yesterday.  So that leaves me today, Friday, and Monday (the day of the field trip) to send home and get back the second permission slip.

I forgot to send it home today.

That means that I have to send them home tomorrow (Friday) and they have to remember to bring them back on Monday.  Good luck!  I’ll be lucky to get half of them.

My plan is to leave the ones I get at school, and just tell them that I left them at school, and hope they think I meant I forgot it.  Or, I’ll just bring the ones I get, and hope they think it’s the entire class’s.

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Field Trips

Field trips are…exhausting!  At least mine are.  Or should I say, is (we only get one).

We get on the bus for a 40 minute trip down to Upper Newport Bay.  Walk around for 2 hours doing 2 different activities, then lunch.  After that, walk around for 2 more hours doing 2 more activities, then back on the bus for the ride home.

This year it was hot!  I brought extra water and a squirt bottle to keep the kids cool.  It’s an okay trip, but it was hot and tiring.

The bus ride home is always great.  Everyone is tired.  I usually sleep for at least a few minutes.

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