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It was an incredible day, proceeded by an incredible day.

Thursday, we had an “emergency, optional” staff meeting.  We were told there would be no more assemblies, no more field trips, no more staff meetings.  No more gatherings larger than class size.  But there was a buzz in the air.  You knew something was up.  I was guessing we would be in school for about 2 more weeks.

Than Friday happened.  Throughout the day 4th grade teachers kept getting emails and watching Facebook posts.  Word spread that other districts were shutting down.  Then somehow, word was spread that we should send the Chromebooks home.  (Yikes!)  The district sent out people to help us cut zip ties on the chargers, and Anne, Ivan, and other school personnel came around to help as well.

Things really were buzzing now.  We tried to keep the students out of the loop for now.  We decided to tell them we were going to let them try taking them home for the weekend.  We thought it would be for a few weeks.  After lunch it was a bit crazy.  I passed out the Chromebooks and wrote down who had which computers.  Then I did a quick lesson so they would know how to email me.  But that’s all.  Then over the intercom the principal came on to tell the kids they were going to take them home for 3 weeks.

The place went crazy.  It was a kid’s dream come true.  I made sure they packed them in their backpacks safely, then walked them out.  It was nuts.  I don’t think anyone was believing what was happening.

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Getting Close to Spring Break

BRENNEN was covering his face with his hood, crying and tattling.  At one point he was in tears because someone in his family is in his 70s and wouldn’t see him graduate college.  After recess, he went to the office because he felt sad.

After lunch, he was back in the office.  He was in a fight with Javier V.  Chris saw it and said it was not Brennen’s fault, but the office is handling it (they’ll get to it tomorrow).

SHAUEN told a T.O.S.A. he wanted to go to the office.  He was in tears.  The TOSA sent him back to class, but he never arrived.  I’m guessing he went to the office.  The office later said he was there.  “He was so upset he made himself through up.”

After lunch, I spoke with Shauen.  He claimed He was scared to go back to class.  He claimed that he went to Miss J, then he said he bumped into Mrs. Powell.  But he did say someone in Mrs. Monk’s class was chasing him and saying he was going to kill him.

ALYSSA was tattling on Brennen.  “He’s eating from his backpack.”  The 2 of them were not getting along and trying to get each other in trouble.

Later, Alyssa was standing, putting her crayons back in their box.  I wanted her to sit down, so called her name.  She wouldn’t look at me, she just kept putting her crayons away.  So I repeated myself a few time, each time getting louder.  I made her turn a pin for it, but she acted like she was being picked on.

When I came out after lunch, the male playground supervisor told me she kept on not listening to her.  He said she told her several times to get in line, but she kept not doing as he said.  Alyssa claims he is lying.  She wanted to talk to me about it after lunch, so I had her write it out.

CHRIS was in the office after lunch because he witnessed the “fight” between Javier V. and Brennen.

JAVIER V. was in the office because of the “fight.”  I’m told he will spend remaining recesses in Mrs. Pulliam’s class.

DESTINY wanted to talk to me after lunch as well.  I had her write it out, too.  She was getting into it with AlIYA, ESLY and JANETHLI.

Those 3 also wanted to talk to me after lunch.  I had them write it out.

I don’t know how the office deals with all this crap.

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That One Student

It hit me a couple of days ago.  I don’t have that “one” student.  That one kid whose name I always have to call, that one student who drives me crazy.

I usually have one every year.  I had C last year.  A few years ago it was T.  I had a girl once, K.  She was a handful.  This year there really isn’t anyone.  It must mean I’ll get a really bad kid before the school year is over.


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Test Time in the Classroom

Spring Break is coming soon, and with that is the spring DCA’s (District Common Assessments).  There are 3 of them, math, language arts, and writing.  We’re taking all three this week.  I try to spread them out some, as to not overload the students.  But while they are taking the test, I find I have some extra time, which is always nice.

While they are busy, I can get some things done, like correcting papers.  Papers that I need to use for their grades are usually checked by a volunteer parent (I have about 6 of them that I can send work home to be corrected) or checked in class.  Then I put percentages on them and enter those percentages into my grade book (I use Microsoft Excel).  A lot of papers I just need to look at and mark to let them (the parents) know that I’ve seen it.  Then those papers, as well as the ones I’ve used for grades, go into the basket at the back of the room.  From there, they are put into each students cubby, by me or student volunteers (a favorite classroom job).

But while they are working quietly on their tests, I do have a few minutes to glance at the headline news on my lap top.  Don’t tell anyone, but I can check the hockey standing (not that it matters for the Ducks these days) and see what the Lakers are up to.  It’s also a good time to straiten up my room, but that usually involves correcting/checking papers (see above).

I have to confess, I love when the class is testing.  It’s nice and quiet, and I can get things done.  To bad they can’t test every day.

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Teachers and Social Networks

Should teacher “friend” students on Facebook?

It seems like that is letting students, even former students, into your life just a little too much.

But that might just be my opinion.  It might just be a non-issue.

And if a teacher wants to “friend” a kid in their class, I’m not going to say they shouldn’t, or that it’s wrong.  Just as long as it doesn’t prevent me from keep my private life from that student.

It just seems weird, and maybe, because I’m a “friend” of another teacher, if that teacher “friends” a student, that student can see my posts?  I’m not sure.  But that does seem wrong.

I’ll have to figure this out.

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Gold Rush, Finally

It went off without a hitch.  Gold Rush, that is.  The most of the kids were all dressed up in their 49er costumes, and they were all excited.  Up to the room we went, took attendance, then back down for the singin’ and the dancin’.

There were lots of parents.  You could see the kids looking around for their parents.  I was looking around for my family (Julie promised they’d come).  And with the 3rd grade classes out to watch, there was quite the crowd for us.

Oh, and wait until you hear the drama.  Did I mention that 3 days ago the girl who was the lead character showed up with her mom and said they were going back to Iraq (yes, Iraq!).   She had to have known before.  Then this morning 3 of the other characters left their scripts at home.  Grrrrreeaaat!

We made a few quick copies and got everything set.  And they did a great job singing and reading their parts.  I think the parents really liked it, and I could tell the kids loved performing.

After that we went to our dance places.  That too went off without a hitch.  It’s so funny at the beginning of the year the students come in asking if they HAVE to dance at Gold Rush, and even as we start practicing they almost all squirm when they have to touch a member of the opposite sex.  But by this morning, they all loved it.  They had a great time.  I was really proud of them.

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