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The Test

The state test is coming up.  Next week.  So we’re doing lots of test prep.  I talked to the class about getting to school on time, and having a good breakfast.  I challenged them to give up their sugar cereals for a week, maybe have Cherios or Riced Crispies.  I also told them I’d have some special treats for them.  Nothing fancy.  I’m planning to bring some pretzels to snack on, as well as Smarties.  The school is providing mints for everyone.

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Stayed home from school on Friday.  Let’s just say I needed some time off.

Forgot all about working at the school carnival on Saturday.  I was thinking about it Saturday morning.  I knew I needed to work at noon.  But I went out to pull some weeds at about 10:30, and forgot all about it.  Didn’t remember it until about 3:30, when I sat down again and checked Facebook.

Also had a text from a coworker, wondering if everything was alright, because she didn’t see me at the carnival.

Crud!  Sorry, PTA!

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